Our Ready to Eat products includes the processing of canned and bottled cashews, vegetables, chutneys and pickles. Our products variety of ethnic food items which are mainly distributed in foreign countries. Some of our main products include Spicy Tuna (Ambulthiyal), Tuna fish curry, Breadfruit curry, Cashew curry and Fish Spread etc.

Our business partner owns the European Union and Food and Drug Administration (USA) standards together with HACCP, ISO 22000 and SLS certification has enabled us to provide great satisfaction to end users in taste in every piece and drop.

These high quality products thus ensure a shelf life of 2 years. In fact the performance of the thermal sterilization without adding any preservatives or permitted colors will hold its genuine taste and aroma throughout its long shelf life.

The continuous quality and other facility improvements done in satisfying the end users have also been recognized by various entities including Industrial Development Board, National Chamber of Exporters and Export Development Board etc.